Borderless Digital Stablecoin and Payment Gateway – Redefining Global Financial Services for People and Businesses

In 2020, BULLIONBLOCK LTD, is set to launch the first global FinTech backed by physical Bullion on Blockchain. The company will embrace emerging payment innovations to offer differentiated value-adding digital experiences.

Our customer-centric mobile Wallet platform protects privacy, and puts full control of the users’ money in their hands whilst reducing banking fees and remittance costs.

The payments system is multi-currency that facilitates frictionless transactions without undue financial influence by cutting out the mediators.

BullionBlock provides an optional feature that protects the currency value of money from the broken-down debt-driven global monetary system.

A Future Without Banks!

Transfer money across borders between any currencies for a fraction of the price you’re currently paying today.

  • Manage And Use Your Money 24/7
  • Access All Currencies – Fiat & Crypto
  • P2P Functionality enabling direct transactions
  • Send And Receive Payments In Seconds From Any Country In Any Currency
  • Send Money Cross-Borders Between Different Currencies – With No Currency Exchange Fees Or Commissions
  • Save Money – Enjoy Fast Low-Cost Transactions

Send & Receive Money

BULLIONBLOCK will offer the lowest fees worldwide for people to send money to their families, and for businesses to pay international suppliers and accept payments.

Protect Your Money

BULLIONBLOCK protects money by moving it out of the broken-down worldwide debt-driven monetary systems and into a stable-digital currency.

Make & Accept Payments

BULLIONBLOCK enables easy, instant and secure global payments from any device, while also protecting the customer account from market volatility and inflation-prone fiat currencies.

BULLIONBLOCK Will Provide People A Different Way To Manage Their Finances With Our Seamless Digital walled App For All Crossborder Payments Operated Globally On Our Payment Gateway Network.

The BULLIONBLOCK Fintech Platform Will Operate Fully Encrypted SSL To Provide Risk Prevention Including:

  • Integrated Instant Digital AML & KYC Verification
  • 24/7 Real-Time Anti-Fraud AI Account Monitoring
  • 24/7 Global Customer Service Centre – Online Chat & Phone Service
  • PCI-DSS Compliant Cloud Banking Software
  • Institutional Grade Cold Storage for e-Wallets – Stored in AES-256 Encryption
  • Two-Factor Authentication

Centralized Infrastructures Are on Their Way Out…

Nothing stays the same… Why is that?

Our needs shift, and we evolve along with circumstances.

What worked yesterday may not work today or tomorrow. And, as such, we need to learn to adapt.

If we don’t? Well, history is packed full of examples of what happens when something won’t adapt – what doesn’t adapt gets left behind and goes extinct.

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