About Us - Bullion Backed Blockchain Fintech
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Company Profile

BullionBlock exists to create a new banking experience — one that is diverse, transparent and honest.  We will challenge industry norms by empowering our team to build FinTech products with a clear benefit to all people and the global community. We are building a global platform based on open banking principles that will constantly evolve to deliver new personal digital experiences for everyone.

In 2019, BULLIONBLOCK LTD. is set to launch the first global FinTech backed by physical Bullion on Blockchain. The company will embrace emerging payment innovations to offer differentiated value-adding digital experiences; this will deepen the relationships with our users that will lead to a dominant place for BullionBlock in the changing global financial industry market landscape.

BullionBlock is the world’s first digital banking platform backed by Gold and Silver assets allowing anyone, anywhere, to achieve financial autonomy free from the clutches of third parties such as banks, payment processors, and credit networks. The BullionBlock aim is to make mobile personal banking and payments easy, accessible, and coordinated on our highly efficient, Blockchain platform.

BullionBlock will deliver a seamless financial ecosystem that combines an evolved regulatory blockchain algorithm with artificial intelligence to finally put financial power back where it belongs – in your hands!

BullionBlock is a highly scalable business model, our conservative financial forecasts outlined in the White Paper show how the company will yield cumulative net profits in excess of $700M in the first five years (2020-2025) of operations while maintaining adequate levels of liquidity. Our business plan creates more annual profitability and amazing growth opportunities while avoiding high cost increases by maintaining low operating overhead.

The business plan strategies will increase customer base signups for online banking and remittance services resulting in scalable revenue potential through the Blockchain labor-saving technology. Our financial forecasts show a ROI of 629% by the year 2025.

The BullionBlock staff are an international, culturally diverse gifted team of experienced business people, financial services experts, technologists, creative’s, academics, mining industry experts and effective managers, designing the future of mobile money services.

BullionBlock’s founders are members of FinTech Australia, the peak body for the Australian financial services, technology and innovation sectors. The founders are also members of the Blockchain Association of Australia, which aims to educate, develop and empower the Blockchain community of Australia and connect with both global leaders and best practices worldwide.

The company is a member of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong (FTAHK), which represents the Hong Kong and global FinTech communities, and is based on pillars of transparency, accountability and good governance. Lastly, BullionBlock is registered with Australia’s AML/CTF regulator, the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing intelligence agency, AUSTRAC.

BULLIONBLOCK LTD is incorporated in Hong Kong and registered in Australia with further incorporation plans in other jurisdictions, starting with Singapore (ANICETUS Pte. Ltd) and Malta (BULLIONBLOCK LTD). The company will launch its own decentralized cryptocurrency exchange; the Crypto Mint Exchange (CMDEX), that will operate from Melbourne, Australia.

The BullionBlock money services Blockchain platform will operate a worldwide Gold and Silver Bullion-backed FinTech by obtaining a Digital Banking License and the Money Service Operators License (MSOs) from the Commissioner of Customs & Excise Department (CCE) of Hong Kong, and a Money-Changer and Remittance License from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Bullionblock is registered with AUSTEC, and currently in the process of obtaining a Remittance license in Australia, as a business that will provide remittance services to customers using its own systems and processes, independent of a remittance network.

Our Agenda

  • is to lobby for a financial system that is free from failure and economic distress caused by the banking sectors moral hazard, and to stop the abuse of power that is a result of a concentrated market.

We will realize this agenda

  • by offering an alternative to the threats and risks that affect the freedoms of humanity from the financial system: and,
  • promote bank inclusion to the 2 billion unbanked people around the world: by,
  • providing the borderless platform that creates financial independence to all individuals, households and businesses regardless of geographical location;
  • thereby contributing to the growth of the global GDP.

BULLIONBLOCK will target the incomplete financial services market

An incomplete market exists when the available level of supply is not enough to meet the needs and wants of consumers, in other words, when only a proportion of potential demand is met.

  • There is around 2 billion adults in developing nations without a bank account.
  • Along with 10 million US households without a bank account.
  • And over 1.5 million UK adults that are also unbanked.
  • There is over 3 million Australians experiencing financial exclusion.

BullionBlock is as equally committed to maximizing profit as it is dedicated to the Philosophy of ‘People Before Profit.’

BullionBlock is creating efficient, highly secure, and sustainable mobile digital banking solutions that put people before profit. Offering the lowest fees worldwide based on innovative Blockchain technology, BullionBlock is aimed at converting the world’s unbanked population into contributors on the global economic level.

Our purpose for these solutions is to improve living standards in developing countries by empowering everyone with the same economic might developed countries have enjoyed for decades. BullionBlock is designed for everyday personal banking, business banking, as well as for the banking needs of local, state and federal governments.

Our business plan aims to service the One Belt, One Road corridor from Asia to Europe – Beijing to Berlin and beyond. Our expansion plan is divided into three regions: APAC, EMEA, LATAM.

A BullionBlock Account (BBA) is essentially a Borderless Bank Account (BBA). In other words, like a local bank account in any country, but all over the world. The BullionBlock e-Wallet is a multi-currency account that lets you hold money in most fiat currencies along with the main cryptocurrencies. One account to pay bills, send money, receive money, and or spend money all around the world.

Our low transparent fees saves the user money by converting between the currencies at the real live exchange rates, with NO hidden fees we will be much cheaper than the banks and other current financial institutions.



BULLIONBLOCK LTD will structure a reliable workforce plan that is aligned with the expansion endeavors of the company. Workforce planning is not an event but rather a continuous process that guarantees attainment of our short-term and long-term goals. We will continuously look into technological demands, external and labor needs as well as the objectives as we seek to explore endless opportunities for the commercial digital bank services. Strategies are also crafted as well as the laying bare the implementation strategies to be adapted so that we meet the current and future objectives of BullionBlock.


We understand that both internal and external demands and changes shape the desired workforce. We endeavor in aligning the human resources with the internal and external requirements including objectives, policies and labor trends.


Our mission is to be the most customer connected-bank by empowering our internal customers (Employees) and external customers (Users) by providing customer prospects to guarantee sustainable growth for our company.

Our Primary objectives are


  • Promoting the required skills and provide satisfactory services that are consonant with the dynamic needs and expectations of our clients and the society in general.
  • Ensuring that employees match their roles and that they express their determination to meet our current and future needs.
  • Retaining, attracting and developing reliable exceptional staff.
  • Building a positive organizational and employee culture that promotes quality, efficiency and equality.


Our primary business functions are Digital Mobile Personal and SME Business Banking, accepting and backing Deposits with physical Bullion Assets, Debit Card, Discounting of Bills of exchange, Remittance, Payment Gateway and Customer Support.


BullionBlock plans to roll out an online mobile banking App incorporating AI Blockchain technology to capture market share in the Asia pacific region as the first strategic business service. This will create a digital platform where customers will actively interact with our personnel.


The second strategic roll out will be increasing investment and innovation by expanding our coverage across different regions starting in Europe, so that we can reach more people and improve our earnings.


Thirdly, we will embark on cutting the unnecessary operating costs including recurrent expenditure. Lastly, the company will recruit new talent as well as teach new required skills among the retained employees. This will help them keep tabs with the changing trends inside and outside their working environment as the company expands worldwide.

Diversity Policy


BullionBlock’s Gender Diversity Strategy acknowledges the value of a gender and culturally diverse workforce.


The BullionBlock Diversity Strategy aims to ensure that gender and culture is not a barrier and equality exists in all our employment policies and processes including recruitment and retention, career development, performance management, promotions and transfers, training and development, identification of high potentials and succession planning.


We will achieve Gender equality by not looking at women or men as different but by challenging industry norms.


Everyone is able to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities regardless of whether they are a woman or a man, and or their cultural backgrounds and heritage.


Our company is committed to ensuring that all workplace policies support and enable gender and cultural diversity throughout the career lifecycle of our employees.


Our company workplace has equal outcomes for women and men regardless of cultural backgrounds, and provides:


  • Equal remuneration for women and men for work of equal value
  • No barriers with full and equal participation of women and men
  • No discrimination of any sort particularly to family and caring responsibilities for both women and men but also for carers


BullionBlock has an inclusive and equitable workplace culture that provides the basis for fully utilizing the different and complementary strengths that a culturally diverse workforce of men and women bring to their workplace and share with their teammates.

Our company offers flexible and empowering work practices that enable the attraction, retention and optimal utilization of diverse cultural and gender talent.



Of great concern to BullionBlock is the macro picture that is emerging in the economic markets. People are starting to question the on-going ability of the monetary and banking systems to manage interest rates. Therefore it is not unreasonable to postulate that the western banking system could be at risk of failure, especially if we take into account that most banks, if not all, have failed the stress-tests over the past recent years.


While the bankers and policy makers seem content to ignore the growing problem, our concern is that if the general public is not prepared to act when the market unexpectedly awakens to a correction, then there will be millions of victims as a consequence of the reversal of many years of the low-interest rate price controls and asset price manipulation.


Many systemically important financial institutions received government assistance during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in support of their balance sheets and to prevent insolvency. These measures eased concerns over systemic risk in the short-term. The cost, however, was that a great deal of private sector credit risk transferred onto the public sector in a period when public debt was rampant and continuing to grow rapidly.


This combination ultimately led to the sovereign debt crisis throughout Europe, and to a resurgence of systemic risk driven by the adverse feedback between sovereign and financial sector credit risk. The inter-play of public and private risk is now one of the foremost challenges facing policymakers and regulators in the world’s advanced economies, yet much remains unknown about the sovereign–financial nexus.


The Bank bailouts caused by the 2008 Global Economic Crisis (GFC) played a key role in the management of systemic risk at the height of the GFC have only resulted in a short-term fix to a broken down system. These bailouts are a pyrrhic victory as they transformed the relationship between the financial sector risks and sovereign risks, leading to the emergence of a self-referential loop, which will eventually contribute to a major sovereign debt crisis in the USA, Australia, NZ, Canada and Europe.


The present cross-country heterogeneity that is systematic and worldwide is imploding and heading towards a total collapse of the current western monetary system, in other words, the western nations are in a race to the bottom.


Today, we are witnessing a worldwide backlash against the Banks and regulators. For example, ordinary people along with businesses are being ripped off worldwide through exchange rates and high overseas card fees, and soon high interest rates and high inflation.



The BullionBlock ecosystem is the end-to-end solution for the current global, interconnected, debt driven broken down monetary system that is enslaving the general public worldwide and is the vehicle to protect and preserve your money! So, if a bank holiday is declared in your country, or the market crashes, and or the internet falters – you are not affected!


The BullionBlock FinTech will provide beneficial services for all members of all communities regardless of geographical location or political governance. With Blockchain technology the world market is now easily accessible, and due to its common FinTech and neo-banking regulatory framework that allows the possibility to service all corners of the planet.


We are building a real alternative to traditional banking. The BullionBlock digital capabilities will turn the customer journey into something that’s highly personalized. BullionBlock is a decentralized (physical) Gold and Silver backed platform, in other words, a Bullion standard FinTech.


After extensive legal consultation the founding team has selected Hong Kong for the launch of the BullionBlock FinTech ecosystem for the following reasons: Hong Kong has all the ingredients necessary to become the global and regional FinTech hub. The Hong Kong government has planned to capitalize on financial technology to keep its leading position as one of the world’s top financial hubs.


But unlike other major FinTech hot spots such as London, New York and Singapore that have positioned themselves as true disruptors, Hong Kong has instead opted for a more collaborative approach. Hong Kong is ranked as one of the strongest start-up hubs in the world.


The Company invites all those of you that are concerned and understand the uncertain geopolitical landscape, to participate in the exclusive Token Distribution Event. For further information please visit www.crypto-mint.io